About Us

Our Mission

Provide high-quality products and write multimedia domain articles that are helpful to readers.

About Us

We have many years of experience in the video field especially Blu-ray, DVD, video editing. In 2019, we come up with an idea to build a site and post some useful how-to guides, software tutorials, software and hardware reviews, and knowledgebase articles for someone who are searching for the solution in these areas. Therefore, BlurayVid.com have emerged. This domain name is a combination of Blu-ray plus video.

Our main goal is to really help the people, by recommending high-quality products that can truly help you solve the problem, writing some useful tutorials for someone who want to use these products and writing unbiased review articles that can help users find the ideal solution.

How We Choose the Products

We are a completely independent site that may receive a small commission from the software publisher if our readers purchase software through our links. For example, the product BlurayVid Blu-ray Player means this is a Blu-ray player software that highly recommended by BlurayVid.com, and when you click on the links, it will jump to the official site of the software publisher. You might already be familiar with this business model of affiliate programs. That means the product is not developed by us or belongs to us, we earn a little from qualifying purchases certified by the software publisher. No extra cost is passed on to you, we can ensure that.

What distinguishes us from some other affiliate program websites? One of the most striking differences is that the commission rate is by no means the first few factors to consider when we selecting a recommended product. Those are the first things we look at: is this product good enough? What is its ranking in the same category of products? Is this price cost-effective for consumers?

For the evaluation of product quality, we test all the products carefully as best as we can. Most of the products we recommend are the ones that we will use in our daily lives. For the recommended products that we have not to order for the present, we will ask ourselves whether we will buy them when needed. The answer will be yes, they are definitely products that we will seriously consider.

All the products that BlurayVid.com recommended are at least above average on the marketplace and have a reasonable price that worth a try. Most of them are the truly NO.1 of the area, no more competitors.

Another vital difference is that we spend days and nights to write qualified articles. We don’t just provide simple solutions, we also write useful knowledgebase articles so our lovely readers can learn some useful tips and know more about Blu-ray, DVD, and video after reading our contents.


If you want to contact us for any reason, please send an email to support@blurayvid.com. We might be a little busy but we will email you back as soon as possible. Welcome to give us any advice about our pages. For example, you have inquiries about the content, or you feel the article is not clear enough, overstated, misleading, etc., feel free to drop us an email. We consider all the reasonable suggestions for improvements.

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