3 of the Best Bilibili Downloaders of 2022

Nowadays, more and more people have the demand to download bilibili videos. For the reason that the downloaded videos can let us more convenient to open them anywhere and anytime no matter whether there is WIFI or not. However, we all know that we can cache videos on the bilibili app, but can’t download them. So we need tools that can help us download the aim video straight.

In this guide, we will introduce three bilibili downloaders and all of them can achieve the aim of downloading videos from bilibili. Of course, they have different characteristics and we will show you the detailed information in the following parts.

The Best Bilibili Downloader—UniTube

The first approach to get bilibili videos is UniTube. After we test those tools, we definitely suggest that UniTube is the best bilibili downloader. Because initially, it is fully functional. You can not only download the aim video but also can cut or adjust the preferences of the final downloaded videos.

Secondly, this tool is a handy operation, it only takes two steps that you can successfully download the videos.

Finally, this bilibili video downloader is compatible with a variety of video websites. After you have this software, not only can you download videos from bilibili, but also you can download videos from Vimeo, YouTube, etc.
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After a general introduction of the first bilibili downloader, I guess you can’t wait to know the specific steps of how to download bilibili videos.

Open UniTube Bilibili Downloader

The first step is to open the software and input the URL of your aim video. After you open the software, it is easy to see that there is a symbol with the word “Paste URL” on the upper left of the page, you need to click it and paste the copied URL of your aim video on the jump out page.

Click Paste URL and Paste Your Bilibili Video Link

The second step is that clicking the symbol of “Download” after you paste the Url of the aim video. And the software will download the video automatically.

Downloading Bilibili Video with UniTube

It is so simple, right? After downloading this tool, you can search the additional functions by yourself.

By the way, this software is not for free, if you prefer a free tool, we will introduce two software for you.

The Free Bilibili Downloader—Jijidown

The bilibili to MP4 converter we want to recommend is Jijidown which is for free. But it can only be used in downloading videos from bilibili which means that its function is very single. The operation of the download progress can be separated into two parts which are similar to the steps of downloading videos with UniTube.

Open Jijidown Bilibili Downloader

After you open the software, you can see that there is a searching box in the middle of the main page. You need to paste the Url in it and press the “enter” on your keyboard.

Select 1080P Bilibili Video to Download with Jijidown

And then we will come to a new page with some choices on the screen. And here you can choose different resolution ratios the first is 1080P and the second is 480P. Choose the word “480P Video File” or “1080P Video File” to ensure the resolution ratio. To save the bilibili video, you need to click the same place again to ensure the download. Finally, the download will be started.

Now we have already recommended two kinds of software to download the bilibili videos. Both of them need to be downloaded before you want to use them. If you don’t want to download any software, we also provide a choice for you.

The Online Bilibili Downloader—Parsevideo

Use the Online Bilibili Downloader Parsevideo to Download Bilibili Video

If you only wish to download a few videos from time to time, you can use Parsevideo which is a free online video parsing tool. The operation of it is very similar to the above software. You just need to copy the Url of your aim video, paste it in the searching dialog box and click the bottom of “START”. After you click the button, this tool will download the bilibili video straightly.


After analyzing that software, we can find that UniTube is very suitable for those people who need to download videos frequently. Because its functions are very comprehensive and once you want to edit or adjust the parameter of the videos, you don’t need to find another tool anymore. So we suggest that UniTube is the best bilibili downloader for all of the users. Please don’t wait to try it.
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3 of the Best Bilibili Downloaders of 2022
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