Save TikTok Videos to Camera Roll with These Tips

How to Save a Video from the TikTok App to Your Phone

TikTok is a video-sharing social media app that has over 1 billion monthly active users and it’s available for iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, as well some other devices. Did you know that TikTok has a feature that allows users to save videos directly from their app to Camera Roll?

So now, when you want a video saved onto your Android or iPhone’s Camera Roll, simply press the arrow icon on the bottom right corner of the video and then tap the “Save video” option.

Select Save Video on TikTok to Save TikTok to Camera Roll

The save feature allows you to save TikTok videos without quality loss. The video resolution will remain the same as when it was uploaded with the TikTok app and the save process is also very quick and easy.

TikTok watermark will be included in the downloaded video. The creator’s handle will also appear below the logo for easy recognition.

I Can’t Find the ‘Save’ Option What Should I Do

The reason is quite simple: you can’t download a video from the TikTok app if the uploader has disabled it. While you can save TikTok videos with ease, some creators choose not to allow this feature in their uploads.

However there are workarounds to this problem. If you cannot save the video from the app, try using TikTok downloader software from This special piece of software—VidJuice UniTube, allows you to extract videos from TikTok and other 10,000+ websites with a single click and transfer them onto your Camera Roll, even if the uploader has removed the Save button from their video.

Free Download Free Download

When you open UniTube and go to the “Online” > “TikTok” tab, search for any TikTok video you like and press the orange “Download” button. The program will automatically detect the TikTok video source URL.

Download TikTok Video with UniTube Online TikTok

You can also copy the TikTok video link and press “Paste URL” to download it (If you don’t know how to copy the link using your phone, here’s how: tapping on its arrow-shaped icon and then select “Copy link”).

Downloading TikTok Video with UniTube

The video is now downloaded to your computer. You can leave it on your computer or take it with you when you go mobile.

Besides UniTube, you may also save TikTok videos with other third-party applications installed on your smartphone.

How to Save a TikTok Draft Video to Camera Roll Without Posting It

Sometimes, you probably want to keep the draft video you created on TikTok on your Camera Roll without posting it, but sadly this is not possible.

So the only solution here is to make the video private by changing its public visibility setting and then posting it. This will make sure that no one else can see this video except you. Then you can save the private video to your phone’s Camera Roll just like saving a public video.


TikTok has many features to help users save videos, but sometimes it can be difficult. Luckily, there are workarounds for when you cannot find the ‘save’ option in your app. With TikTok downloader software UniTube, saving video content is much easier than ever before. You’ll never have to worry about losing a video again with these powerful tools at your disposal.

Save TikTok Videos to Camera Roll with These Tips
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