Can I Burn a DVD with VLC Media Player?

Burn DVD with VLC Media Player

You are gonna be disappointed. The conclusion is this: you can’t burn a DVD with VLC, because VLC media player does not burn anything.

VLC, a famous and powerful multimedia player, has many functions besides playing videos, such as be able to play DRM free DVDs, rip DVDs to normal video format, convert video file format, etc. Whatever, it cannot burn video to DVD. I have brought it up and can’t find any options for burning videos. I have also checked software documentation, VLC feature list, VLC plugins and get a conclusion that VLC media player does not burn DVDs.

VLC can be associated with almost any video and audio format. If you want to burn VLC media files to DVD, we have some other suggestions on what will work to burn.

Best DVD Burner for Burning VLC Media Files to DVD

  1. BlurayVid DVD Creator

BlurayVid DVD Creator is excellent and highly recommend for someone who wants to enjoy VLC media files on DVD player. It can burn both Video DVD and Data DVD. The result of the Video DVD is close to that of a commercial DVD, which contains a DVD menu and movie scenes. You can operate the disc on your TV with the remote control. Video DVD will definitely play on current DVD/Blu-ray players. Some players also support playing Data DVDs that burn specific formats (such as MP4 videos and MP3 music files).

After experiencing several DVD burners, I think this software is the best choice to burn good-looking DVD discs in the easiest way. It also integrates a variety of CD, DVD, and Blu-ray tools. You can download the free trial here.
Free Download Free Download

We briefly write down the key steps of burning DVD with BlurayVid DVD Creator.

  • Burn VLC media files to a Video DVD disc

Step 1. Select “Create a DVD Video Disc” on the main interface.

Step 2. Import VLC videos (.mkv, .mp4, .flv, etc.) to the program.

Step 3. Edit the video and customize the DVD menu. It has 70+ menu templates.

Step 4. Insert a DVD disc for burning.

Burn VLC media files to Video DVD

  • Burn VLC media files to a Data DVD disc

Step 1. Select “Data Disc” on the main interface.

Step 2. Add videos, audio files, or images to the program.

Step 3. Insert a DVD disc and click on “Burn”.

It’s notable that the Burn Data DVD Disc function is only available in the Windows version.

Burn VLC media files to Data DVD

  1. Express Burn

Express Burn is another DVD burner that I appreciate very much. It is one software to burn Video DVD, Data DVD, MP3 DVD, Video Blu-ray, Data Blu-ray, Audio CD, MP3 CD, and Data CD. It’s really rich in functionality. The interface is fresh and organized well.

The advantage of Express Burn:

  • Ultra-fast DVD burning speed.
  • Ideal for backup needs, burn all media to Data DVD includes videos, audios, images, documents, .exe files, etc.
  • Burn data discs as ISO/Joliet, UDF or Hybrid.
  • Provide Windows version and macOS version, the functions are basically the same.

Here are the key steps of burning VLC media files to DVD with Express Burn.

Step 1. Select a disc type to burn: Video DVD or Data DVD.

Step 2. Press “Add File(s)” or “Add Folder” to import source videos. It will take some time to calculate the video duration.

Step 3. Click on “Create Menu” if you are creating a Video DVD disc. There are 20 templates in total.

Step 4. Click the Burn DVD button in the lower right corner.

Step 5. Start burning VLC files to DVD disc or ISO image at fast speed. It will show the video position and overall progress.

Burn VLC media files to DVD with Express Burn

Although we cannot burn DVD with VLC media player, we still have great tools to help us burn videos.

Can I Burn a DVD with VLC Media Player?
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