How to Burn MP4 to Blu-ray on Windows and Mac

Burn MP4 to Blu-ray on Windows and Mac

MP4 is the most commonly used video format in most people’s daily life. We download MP4 videos from websites, watch MP4 videos on our computer, record videos in MP4 format, etc. If you would like to know how to burn the MP4 videos you have to a Blu-ray disc, this article is gonna help you.

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How to Burn MP4 to Blu-ray on Windows

Windows users must try BlurayVid DVD Creator! It can burn MP4 videos to a playable Blu-ray disc or save as a BDMV folder. It also has the ability to burn MP4 to a Data Blu-ray disc. Some other Blu-ray authoring tools can also do this kind of things but BlurayVid DVD Creator performs best in terms of menu template richness, user experience, UI design, specialization, ease of use, clear interface guidance, burning speed, and stability.

Download the free trial here and follow the steps below.
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BlurayVid DVD Creator Tutorial: Burn MP4 to a Playable Video Blu-ray Disc

Step 1. Select “Create a Blu-ray Disc”

It has many tools, the main one of which is burning a playable Blu-ray. After launching BlurayVid DVD Creator, the first thing to do is to click on Create a Blu-ray Disc.

Click on Create a Blu-ray Disc for Burning MP4 Videos

Step 2. Drop MP4 Videos to the Program

Now it’s to add MP4 videos for burning Blu-ray. Click on + to add or drag and drop a series of MP4 videos to the interface. You can always delete/add more videos later.

Add MP4 Videos to BlurayVid DVD Creator

Step 3. Manage and Edit the MP4 Videos

If necessary:

  1. Click on “Add title” to add more MP4 videos.
  2. Select a video and click ⬆ or ⬇ to adjust its position.
  3. Manually select your target Blu-ray disc from BD (25G), BD (50G), or BD (100G).
  4. Select Fit to Disc (recommended), Standard, or High Quality.
  5. Click on the edit icon to crop, trim, adjust effect, add watermark & subtitle.

MP4 Videos Imported in BlurayVid DVD Creator

Edit the MP4 Videos

Step 4. Make a Menu for the Blu-ray Disc

Double-click your favorite template to apply it to the video. Then, you can modify the title name, change the font color, add unique background music, customize all the thumbnail, etc. You can also select No Menu if you don’t want one.

Make a Menu for the Blu-ray Disc

Step 5. Preview the Playable Blu-ray Disc

BlurayVid DVD Creator has the best interface and operations for previewing Blu-ray disc. Have fun with the menu, and make sure you understand its logic and are satisfied with the result.

Preview the Playable Blu-ray Disc

Step 6. Insert a Blu-ray Disc and Burn MP4 to Blu-ray

Put a Blu-ray disc into your Blu-ray drive, and then the “Burn to disc” option will become accessible. Click on Burn, the program will start burning MP4 to Blu-ray with fast speed. You can also burn MP4 to a BDMV folder, which has the same structure as an actual Blu-ray disc.

Burn MP4 to Blu-ray Disc or BDMV

Your Blu-ray disc is burning fast. There will have a pleasant sound reminds you that the Blu-ray disc has been successfully burned.
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Burning MP4 to Blu-ray

Best for Mac: Burn MP4 to a Video/Data Blu-ray

Express Burn is able to burn MP4 to a Video Blu-ray (disc, ISO image) or a Data Blu-ray (disc, ISO image). It works perfectly on both Mac and Windows. It can create a Blu-ray menu, adjust video settings, manage chapters, create chapters, import chapter files, and more.

Burn MP4 to a Video Data Blu-ray Express Burn

How to Burn MP4 to Blu-ray with Express Burn:

Step 1. Select “Video Blu-ray” or “Data Blu-ray” as you like.

Step 2. Add MP4 videos to the program.

Step 3. Click on Create Menu to add a disc menu if you are making a Video Blu-ray.

Step 4. Click the Burn button in the lower right corner.

You can visit the Express Burn official website to know more about its features.

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How to Burn MP4 to Blu-ray on Windows and Mac
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