How to Convert Blu-ray Folder (e.g. BDMV) to ISO File

Blu-ray Folder BDMV to ISO

Turn a Blu-ray ISO file into a Blu-ray folder is very simple. You just need to mount the ISO image and copy all the contents out, but the other way around is not so straightforward – if you want to convert a Blu-ray folder to an ISO image, you need help from some special tools, one of the feasible tools is ImgBurn freeware. It’s simple and completely free to create an ISO file from the Blu-ray folder or the BDMV folder.

Tips: Blu-ray folder usually contains a BDMV folder and a CERTIFICATE folder.

How to Convert BDMV Structure to ISO Image File

Before we do that, I assume all you want is to change the format of your Blu-ray folder to .iso, you want to keep the original menus and forced subtitles, and want it to work the same as the original Blu-ray ripping, then ImgBurn is the simplest way to go.

Step 1. Download and Install ImgBurn

Visit ImgBurn official download page, and choose a mirror to download the setup package (.exe). Double-click the setup package to install the ImgBurn program on your Windows computer. ImgBurn only has a Windows version.

Step 2. Click on “Create Image File from Files/Folders”

Launch ImgBurn, and press “Create Image File from Files/Folders”. There will be a log window that’ll leave open all the time. You don’t need to close it down, otherwise, you might miss out on some important information and warnings.

ImgBurn Create Image File from Files/Folders

Step 3. Import the BDMV Folder to ImgBurn

It requires you to add the source Blu-ray folder, set the output location, and then one click the button to convert. It is as simple as that without any extra steps. Click the folder icon as below showing to import the whole Blu-ray folder that contains the folder BDMV, or import the BDMV folder itself to this program.

Import the Source BDMV Folder to ImgBurn

Step 4. Set the Destination and Press Build

Under “Destination”, click the folder icon to select the output path for saving ISO file. Then, click the “folder to disc” icon to start building an ISO image file from the Blu-ray/BDMV folder.

A Confirm Volume Label window will pop up. It will automatically generate a volume label for you so you don’t really need to set anything else. The file system is UDF 2.5 that is playable on almost all the computers.

Convert BDMV Blu-ray Folder to ISO Image File

Step 5. Converting Blu-ray Folder or BDMV Folder to ISO

It is creating an ISO image file from the Blu-ray folder or the BDMV folder at a very fast speed. Soon you will get your .iso file.

Converting BDMV Folder to ISO

Have any issues with converting BDMV to ISO? Just post your comments below and we will discuss it together.

How to Convert Blu-ray Folder (e.g. BDMV) to ISO File
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