A Comprehensive Guide on How to Burn Movies to DVD

Burn Movie to DVD

Many people love to collect movies. There are so many movie torrent sites and movie resources sites, so it’s not hard to download movies to the computer. If you have collected a large number of films, how to backup & build your home movie library is also a considerable question. Magnetic storage, electrical storage, optical storage are selectable choices.

Today we will talk about the optical storage method: burn movies to DVDs. After burning movies to DVD discs, you can play the movie disc on a big screen TV via DVD player, as well as on your computer. DVD would be a great storage medium. It’s cheap enough, safe, and can store movies in a very long time.

By using BlurayVid DVD Creator, you can burn movies to DVD discs at a fast speed and keep the best quality at the same time.

Key Features

• Burn movie to DVD disc/DVD ISO/DVD folder/Blu-ray.

• Burn movie to DVD as a Video DVD or a Data DVD.

• Burn movie to DVD-5 or DVD-9.

• Be able to burn ISO movie to DVD directly.

• Use the built-in simple video editor to edit the movie, such as cutting off the unwanted part.

• It provides beautiful movie-theme DVD menu templates.

• Customizable DVD menu or select No Menu.

In the following, we are going to talk about how to burn movies to DVD on PC/Mac.
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How to Burn Movies (MP4, MKV…) to DVD on PC/Mac

Step 1. Insert a DVD to Your Computer

Open your computer DVD drive, and then insert a DVD-5 (DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW) or DVD-9 (DVD+R DL, DVD-R DL) disc into it.

Step 2. Add Movies to DVD Creator

Launch BlurayVid DVD Creator and click Create a DVD Video Disc. Then you can import your movies into it. “Fit to Disc” ensures that even if the original movie size exceeds the capacity of the target, it can be automatically compressed to accommodate the maximum capacity of the DVD. Of course, compression can cause movie quality to drop, so it’s best not to exceed.

Add Movie to the Movie to DVD Converter


Step 3. Edit Movies before Burning to DVD

Your movie probably has highlights, bonus features, sneak peeks, and so on. You can place them under different titles and rename the titles. Before burning movies to DVD, you can use the simple built-in video editor to adjust the movie. Essential functions like crop, trim, flip, add effect, add watermark, and add subtitle are included.

Edit Movies before Burning to DVD

Step 4. Make a Menu for Your Movie

Click the drop-down list of “All” and select a menu theme such as “Movie”. Most of the elements on the menu can be customized. The changes you have made can be previewed in real-time under the “Preview” tab. If you don’t want the menu at all, “No Menu” is available for you.

Make a Menu for Your Movie

Step 5. Start to Burn Movie to DVD

Switch to the last tab, and click on “Burn” to burn movie to DVD.

Start to Burn Movie to DVD

It will remind you of sound when the burning process is over. Now you can eject the DVD disc and enjoy the movie on the DVD player.

Burning Movie to DVD Disc

BlurayVid DVD Creator is not just a movie to DVD burner. It can also burn movie to Blu-ray, make video slideshow, create data discs, burn CD, rip CD/DVD/Blu-ray, and copy DVD to DVD. You can download the free trial to try on your computer.

BlurayVid DVD Creator Toolbox



1. It can only deal with unprotected discs.

2. The toolbox for the mac version is different from the windows version.

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A Comprehensive Guide on How to Burn Movies to DVD
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