What is a .dvdmedia File and How to Play .dvdmedia on Mac

What is DVDMedia and How to Open

A .dvdmedia file is usually generated by BlurayVid DVD Creator for Mac or Mac DVD ripping software RipIt. DVDMedia is actually a DVD folder that includes AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS subfolders.

Before macOS Mojave released, a .dvdmedia file is a “Package Bundles“, and is treated specially by the macOS. To open the .dvdmedia file, you can double click on it, and Mac’s built-in DVD Player app will pop up to play. If you want to open with VLC, you can drag and drop the .dvdmedia file into VLC media player for Mac OS X.

Because macOS can recognize and directly play the file with .dvdmedia extension, if you have a regular DVD folder on your Mac that contains AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS, you can change the DVD folder to .dvdmedia as following. Please note that it is to change the extension of the DVD folder, instead of changing the extension of the VIDEO_TS folder.

Right-click the DVD folder > Get Info > Name & Extension > Add the .dvdmedia Extension.

Once you do this, the DVD folder will turn into a single file and gain a DVD icon.

And vice versa, if you want to change the .dvdmedia file back to a regular DVD folder, just need to keep the movie title and remove the .dvdmedia extension in the Name & Extension field.

DVDMedia Extension Info

Mojave DVD Player won’t Open .dvdmedia Files

Things become different after releasing macOS Mojave 10.14. After I found DVD Player stopped playing the old .dvdmedia files, and many applications won’t generate .dvdmedia file with a DVD icon, I searched on Apple Communities and saw several similar issues posting. VLC media player can still play .dvdmedia files on Mac but DVD Player won’t. Therefore, if you want to play a .dvdmedia file on DVD Player, there are two solutions.

Solution 1. Turn .dvdmedia into a Normal Folder Then Open the VIDEO_TS with DVD Player

Right-click the .dvdmedia file > Get Info > Name & Extension > Delete the .dvdmedia Extension. Now the .dvdmedia file will become a DVD folder with a real DVD structure, composed of a VIDEO_TS folder and an empty AUDIO_TS folder.

Then, launch DVD Player (you can find this app in Spotlight by typing “DVD”) and click File > Open DVD Media to open the VIDEO_TS folder.

If this doesn’t work, try the second solution.

Solution 2. Extract the VIDEO_TS Folder to another Directory

Right-click the .dvdmedia file > Show Package Contents, and copy the VIDEO_TS folder into a new folder. Now open DVD Player, click on File > Open DVD Media and target the VIDEO_TS folder. Your VIDEO_TS folder will play fine in DVD Player.

Since the frequent change of the tech world, if there is something wrong or it no longer works, please leave a comment below. We will update it soon.

What is a .dvdmedia File and How to Play .dvdmedia on Mac
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