“Can I Burn Music and Audio onto a DVD?” Here’s the Answer

Some people would like to burn music onto a DVD instead of a CD because CD can only hold about 80 minutes of music. A single sided, single layer DVD±R can store 4.7GB and a single sided, double layer DVD±RW can hold around 8.5GB. That’s much larger than the capacity of a Compact Disc. And, most importantly, if your DVD player supports the audio format recorded on the disc, the disc would be able to play in a regular stereo.

You need a DVD drive and a music DVD burning software. We highly recommend the burning software BlurayVid DVD Creator to finish this work. It’s stable, fast, and powerful. It supports importing MP3, MP2, AC3, MKA, M4A, AIF, AIFF, APE, AAC, WAV, WMA, RA, RAM, OGG, and FLAC for burning music to DVD.
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What Kind of DVD/CD to Use for Burning Music to Disc?

When it comes to burning music to disc, BlurayVid DVD Creator is capable of burning Audio-data DVD (Windows only), Video DVD, and Audio CD. Knowing their difference is important.

  • Burning Audio-data DVD is to burn a DVD disc of music files playable on a device supporting the specific audio format playback. By this way, you can put many hours of music audio files to DVD±R with a maximum capacity of 4.7GB (or will display 4.38GB on Windows OS). The majority of people would tend to burn this kind of disc but there is one thing to note. Most DVD players will play MP3 files, if you have not only MP3s recorded on your DVD but also some other formats of music files, such as FLAC, OGG, etc., then your player might not be able to play all the files. The supported audio formats depend on the DVD player manufacturers. If you want to burn this for playing on the DVD player, it is best to make all your audio files in MP3 format.
  • A well-burned standard DVD-Video disc with music definitely will play on DVD player because while burning, the DVD creator will convert the imported video files to DVD format. But the most identifiable trouble point is that you can’t import audio-only to burn a DVD-Video disc, you’ll have to import videos that contain the audio files. This means that the original video’s audio track needs to be removed and then placed on the music files you want to play. This method is tortuous, and will waste a lot of DVD capacity because obviously the video files are on it. They might be large. If it’s not that you don’t really have a CD or your DVD player can’t play MP3 Data-DVDs, then don’t use this method.
  • Audio CD is very well playing on standard DVD players and car CD players. The CD burner will convert music files in different formats to CD compatible format. The obvious disadvantage is that it can only burn about 80 minutes/700M of music. Check this guide if you want to create an Audio CD 👉How to Burn Music and Songs to CD in Windows 10, 8, 7.

[A Guide for Windows Users] How to Burn a Music Data DVD using BlurayVid DVD Creator

Burning music to DVD is dead simple with just four steps. Have you already install the program accordingly into your computer? If you have, keep reading and let’s make this simple job done.

Step 1. Insert a DVD Disc

If your computer has a DVD drive, then insert a DVD disc. If not, first connect the external DVD drive to computer, then insert a DVD.

Insert a DVD Disc for Burning Audio to DVD

Step 2. Launch the Program and Select Data Disc

This is the main interface it shows when BlurayVid DVD Creator is launched. To burn music files onto a Data DVD, please click on “Data Disc” – that one with a floppy disk icon. If you want to burn a DVD-Video disc, click on “Create a DVD Video Disc”, and if you want to make an Audio CD, then “CD Burner” is the correct option.

Click on Data Disc to Burn Music to DVD

Step 3. Add Music Files to the Program at One Time

Click the “+” sign in the center and import all your music files at one time. Another basic method is to multi-select the music files and drag them in.

Add Music Files for Burning Audio Data DVD

Step 4. Click on Burn to Start Burning Music to DVD

The music files are all here. You merely need to give the “Burn” button a click. It will get going. After done, play the disc on the DVD player to check if all the audio files are being recognized on the player.

Press Burn to Burn Music to DVD using BlurayVid DVD Creator

Here are the main steps to burn music to DVD. If you like it, download BlurayVid DVD Creator and give it a full try. The feature of burning music Data DVD is just a part of its powerful ability. It’s also an excellent program to create Video DVDs, Video Blu-rays, copy/rip unrestricted DVDs, CDs, and Blu-ray discs.
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“Can I Burn Music and Audio onto a DVD?” Here’s the Answer
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