The Way to Convert YouTube to MP3

What we need to do if we just want to offline enjoy the music in the YouTube video? If we choose to download the YouTube video directly, not only would it wastes the storage of the mobile phone to some extent, but also it would cause some difficulties to the playback of the music. Because when we play a video on the mobile phone, the voice will off once the screen turns off. But if we choose to use a format converter to transfer the download video to MP3 again, it will be so inconvenient. Today we will introduce a converter that can convert YouTube videos to MP3 directly. Not only that, we will cover the specific steps of downloading the audio from YouTube.

How to Convert YouTube to MP3

Generally speaking, using a converter is the main way to convert YouTube to MP3. Today what we want to recommend is VidJuice UniTube, which is an easy-to-operate software that combines lots of functions.

Use UniTube, you can download YouTube audio with only three steps. UniTube combines the download of video from YouTube and the conversion of the format. So after three steps, you can achieve the goal of ripping audio from YouTube, which will save you a lot of time. By the way, UniTube provides a function to change the bit rate of the MP3, if you want to adjust the quality of the MP3 for the reason of the lack of storage in the phone, you just need to carry out one more step that your demand can be satisfied.

Next, let’s jump into the particular steps of turning YouTube into MP3.

The Steps of Converting YouTube to MP3

Step 1. Download and Install UniTube

Launch the YouTube to MP3 Converter

Once download and install UniTube, we can see a YouTube to MP3 converter with a concise page on your computer after we launch it.
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Step 2. Convert YouTube to MP3

Select Download MP3 to Download Audio from YouTube

To download YouTube MP3, if you only want to download a single video, you should copy the website link of the target video first. And then, click the drop-down option which is on the right of the “Paste URL”. After that, you will see an option of “Download MP3” on the screen and choose that option. Once you click the button “Download MP3”, the download will start because the software will automatically identify the URL.

Input Multiple YouTube URLs to Download MP3 in Batch

The operation here is very simple. But what should you do if you want to download more than one video? Don’t worry, your demand can also be satisfied with UniTube.

The specific operations of the batch download are similar to the single video download. There are two differences. The first one is that you need to adjust the option “Download then convert to” and choose the MP3 format. Another difference is that after you click the drop-down option, you need to choose “Multiple URLs” instead of “Download MP3”. And after you choose “Multiple URLs”, paste all the websites of the videos you want in the dialog box.

Step 3. Check the Final MP3

Ripping MP3 from YouTube with VidJuice UniTube

UniTube Convert YouTube to MP3 Finished

When we can’t see the detailed message of the MP3 in the “Downloading” group, that means the download has been finished. You can click the “Finished” group to find the final files. To check the final MP3, you can click the symbol of play at the left of the screen, or click the right of the mouse and choose “Play.”


How to Set the Parameters of the MP3 (e.g. Download at 320kbps)

Customize the Preferences of Download YouTube to MP3

Sometimes if we want to adjust the parameters of the MP3, we can also use UniTube. We need to do something before download. At the right of the screen, there is a symbol consist of three bars. After you choose that symbol, you need to click “Preferences” and you can adjust the Downloader and Network on the new page. For example, if you tend to change the bit rate, you can click the rectangle dialog at the right of the word “Quality”. In fact, if you don’t change the “Quality” before downloading the MP3, UniTube will download the best quality MP3 by default. So in summary, only when you need to lower the quality of the final MP3, you have the necessity to change the “Quality”.

How to Trim the MP3 Before You Download It

Cut the YouTube Video and Then Download MP3

UniTube also provides a function of trimming the final MP3. You need to open the video website through the software. Click “Online” and find the button of “YouTube”. Choose “YouTube” to arrive at the URL. You need to open the video you want here. And after you open your aimed video, you will find there is a “Cut” under the playing video. You can pull the orange bar to adjust the length of the video. Please remember to click “Cut” to make a confirmation of the download audio.


Download Songs for Offline Listen in the YouTube Music App

There is a music streaming service named YouTube Music. There are tons of music and playlists here. If you want to download some music from the YouTube Music platform, you can use YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium to download straightly. What we want to emphasize here is that the topic we talk about in this paper is the way to download videos from YouTube to MP3. It is equal to extract the audio files from the videos. Both of them are not the same because you can download the MP3 from YouTube Music with its own features of the platform but you can’t download the audio files from YouTube videos through the YouTube platform. You need software like UniTube to achieve the last goal.

On Ending

It is easy to know that UniTube is not only so simple to operate, but also fully functional. I promise that UniTube is such a perfect software that once you try it, you will love it.
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The Way to Convert YouTube to MP3
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